For us, it is our patients, for you, it might be a patient or a loved one. We experience the same obstacles and disappointments just like you, and we also get to witness the excitement and joy from seeing your loved ones win. Regardless of whom we are helping, we have a deep desire to aid those we care about sample a larger fraction of the abilities, life experiences, and joy that come along with being able to walk, stand, or just move from a chair without significant assistance from others.

Just like you, we have also had that feeling of frustration that comes along with using traditional methods for lifting and transferring patients and loved ones – like the gait belt, which doesn’t provide adequate support, constantly slides and has to be adjusted, and repeatedly rubs the person we are trying to assist.

Sometimes that feeling of frustration is almost as strong as the desire to help. Maybe you didn’t rush out to a hardware store, buy a construction vest and sew handles on it like one of our founders did after trying to help a young patient with cerebral palsy get into a pool, but like that founder . . . you wanted something to use for help.

In addition to that frustration, there is always a concern for whomever is trying to assist your loved ones’ own safety and well-being. There is also this underlying fear of the caregiver getting hurt or becoming injured while helping with everyday activities of daily living. Transferring a 60 lbs child 10 times a day, let alone someone who is 300 lbs, is tiresome and can often lead the caregiver to injuries. That is why we created the Universal Vest.