Special Cheers Therapy Sessions

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Fritizi Glover-Strowmatt, OTR with Special Cheers working with her patient Alexander during one of their therapy sessions.

Fritizi and her staff has been utilizing our UVests for some time now and states that our vests has made a significant difference not only with handling but with their patients’ posture, trunk control and stability as well. A binder was used in the beginning of this video. As one can see, the occupational therapsist has increase handling control with Alexander and uses less contact guard once the vests was used. In addition, Alexander is more independent and confident as the session progressed and his parents did see the difference in Alexander’s overall posture, trunk control and confidence immediately. Thank you Fritzi and Alexander for sharing this therapy session with us! For more information on our vests and products, please visit us at www.uvests.com or call 888.600.4743. For information on Special Cheers, please visit them at www.specialcheers.com or call 713.983.0075!