Greater Houston Area Ataxia Support Group

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We had the privilege to speak and present at the Greater Houston Area Ataxia Support Group at the Methodist Hospital in Sugarland today.

We met many wonderful people, and we learned a great deal about what “Ataxians” [something we learned in our meeting] have to deal with in their every day lives. Sam, an ‘ataxian,’ volunteered to try on our vest. His wife told us that Sam has “never stood” in the 7 years that they have been together. When our staff assessed that Sam did have the ability to stand with minimum assistant (Min A), everybody in the room was pleasantly surprised, especially his wife. In the video, his wife was educated on how to properly lift her husband. She was able to lift Sam to a standing position for the first time. The most profound moment during our presentation was when Sam’s wife lifted him to his feet, and they both embraced and kissed. The room was moved. His wife stated, “This was the first time I’ve ever got to embrace my husband standing up since we met!” It was a privilege to witness this special moment. Thank you Greater Houston Area Ataxia support Group for having us today.! For more information on our vests and products please visit us at or call us 888.600.4743. For more information on Ataxia or the National Ataxia Foundation, please visit or